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Global Hair and Makeup provide the perfect opportunity for you to grow as both a makeup artist and a person. I have been with GH&M to LA, Monaco and both the Singapore and Mexican Amber lounge events and learned so much about myself, as Liz very generously gave me the opportunity to prove myself. She and the team are very supportive and you will gain enormous confidence and experience. Each one is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I highly recommend them.​

- Adele Haussmann, 4 tours

I had the pleasure of being on the Global Hair & Makeup team in Monaco 2022 and had an amazing, once in a lifetime experience. During this trip I learnt so much and got to expand my skills. Liz has a world of knowledge to share of makeup and life that is amazing to be around and learn from.

- Gemma Pring, 2 tours

"Well worth the trip. Experience & opportunity you won't get elsewhere.

I have done 7 tours overseas with Global Hair & Makeup and each trip has been fabulous - an amazing insight to the high fashion world where you get to do makeup on some of the most beautiful models. You have the opportunity to sightsee and shop as well. The Tours are run professionally and you get well looked after. Its so well worth it! The Director, Liz Bomben is very experienced and good fun. You will be in good hands​.

- Elaine Olsen, 7 tours

The LA Makeup Tour was amazing and honestly for artists of all ages. Liz was so accommodating and friendly and knew everywhere to go and showed us a lot of the best places to fill up your kit!! The learning experience from the show was also so worth it and made me feel more educated. Will certainly go again to all and any of Liz’ trips that she does.

- Ashlee Smith 

It was the most amazing experience. Truly one I would recommend to anyone who is passionate about makeup and furthering their knowledge and experience. Liz is a truly amazing lady and I hope to accompany her on another tour, or 5, lol in the future years to come.

- Bec Cotter, 1 tour

On September 2018 I had an opportunity to be a part of the Singapore tour. The tour is about providing makeup artists with an experience that they may not normally have access too. Liz is the founder of Global Hair & Makeup. It was a great experience working with an amazing team on a glamorous runway show. Thank you Liz, you are an amazing lady and for providing an extravagant experience in a glamorous industry.

- Amita Ruwali, 1 tour

I have done 2 tours & come from a very small country town in Australia. I have been extremely lucky to experience these opportunities with Global Hair & Makeup and never imagined that I would get to visit these amazing places. The experience, the lifelong friends you make along the way, the culture of other countries & learning from other makeup artists is invaluable and something hard to find in Australia or may be very limited . This was an opportunity of a lifetime and one that I strongly feel everyone should experience as least once.  My first ever trip was Singapore followed by France. I would do heaps more if I could. As a self employed beauty therapist/makeup artist and now single mother of 4 children I love to grasp new opportunities in places I have never been. You have the opportunity to sightsee, shop, experience the exciting fashion world. This is an opportunity that must not be missed. Life is too short for regrets so grab this amazing experience of a lifetime x

- Nicole Bruce, 2 tours

“It was an amazing experience!. I would highly recommended it to anyone who is thinking about doing it. You will love it like I did”

- Rebekah Wilson, 1 tour

Was such an amazing event to be a part of and invaluable experience. Thankyou Liz 

- Kerry-Lyn Slee, 1 tour

To be a part of the elite backstage hair and makeup team at one of the world’s most famous and glamorous events – F1 Grand Prix in Monaco, France was such an incredible experience and so much fun! Loved every minute of working with international designers, artists, models and Formula one drivers at the VIP fashion show red carpet event and after party. This bucket list dream experience has increased my self confidence and artistry skills as well as provided fabulous networking opportunities and new found friendships. Thank you Liz for allowing this opportunity to be added to my CV achievements. 

- Rachel Thurlow, 1 tour

I've enjoyed all of the tours with Global. I've been to Monaco twice, Mexico City and Singapore. I can't say enough great things about the tours. You get the backstage experience and everything that goes along with it and being in another country adds a bit of extra awesomeness to it. Learning techniques from Liz is another perk. Im a seasoned artist and she has taught me a great deal of techniques too. During the tours, I've been allowed to have my husband travel along.


So, he gets to see the different cultures too. The accommodations are always top notch and all the makeup is provided. You will need your brushes and disposable items and skin prep. Travel to the events are provided and breakfast every morning. I'm planning on participating in another tour soon. This will be my 5th and I look forward to it. Feel free to ask anything specific about the tours if you have any additional questions. 

- Christine O'Neal Simon, 5 tours

Such an amazing experience working with the Global Hair & Makeup team & Liz Bomben in Monaco on Grand Prix weekend! The best experience. I can’t wait to do more shows and international jobs.

- Taylor Oxberry, 1 tour

The Singapore tour was my first, and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I grew so much, both professionally and personally after just one tour. Liz is an amazing mentor, incredibly knowledgeable and so talented as a makeup artist. This definitely won’t be my last, and I can’t wait to be a part of more amazing experiences with Global Hair and Makeup in the future!

- Natalia Michail, 1 tour

I have travelled to Mexico and Singapore with Global Hair & Makeup. On both trips I had an amazing time. I made new friends with other Makeup Artists, had fun working backstage using some amazing Mehron products and mingled with celebrities after the fashion parade. I never would have had international work experience if it wasn't for Liz Bomben. Global Hair & Makeup is a great opportunity to see the world doing something you love like makeup.I'm so grateful I had the opportunity. I highly recommend the experience. 

- Teri Daltron - 2 tour

A trip worth experiencing for any makeup artist wanting to expand their portfolio and social understanding of the runway. I had a wonderful time being apart of a global team and brand ambassador. Liz created a great adventure for all.

- Josleen Hawas, 1 tour

I went on the 2018 LA makeup tour with Liz Bomben and Global Hair & Makeup and it was on of the best experiences of my life! I met some wonderful girls that were all so friendly and nice and Liz is just amazing. Her knowledge of everything from makeup to life was so amazing and helpful. I learnt so much from the short time at the show and got to see so much of LA and do some great shopping. I would definitely love to join Liz on another tour to learn and see even more! 


- Gemma Pring
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