The Global Hair & Makeup Story 

Global Hair & Makeup's philosophy is simple.

Provide talented hair & makeup artists with a

platform to shine at the world's most glamorous events. 


Global Hair & Makeup was born out of Liz Bomben's desire to provide talented hair & makeup artists from around the world with a platform to showcase their talent & ability backstage at major VIP events. Liz, the Creative Director of Global Hair and Makeup, believes that "talent is talent regardless of where you live or who you know", and wanted people to know that talent always gets noticed. For some, it just takes a little longer as life may have other plans. 

This was how it was for Liz. With a passion for makeup running through her veins, Liz started in television in the 70's before there were many established makeup schools in Australia. She spent every spare weekend in the makeup room watching the artists perform their magic on faces and then going home and practicising what she had seen and learnt. It was a special time.

Liz's started in televison and thinking she would get her start in the makeup room, Liz was surprised when they put her behind a camera, a clunky TK45 and became Australia's first camerawoman at 17 but over the years life took Liz in other directions and makeup gave way to a marketing, events and PR career along with family. Since returning fulltime to her love of makeup, Liz has been fortunate to do makeup & hair for VIP's and celebrities around the world. Liz's work has been seen in Vogue, ELLE, Harper's Bazaar, l'Officiel, Cosmopolitan, Collezione, etc. Being hands on, Liz has also been fortunate to lead makeup artists at major events including Paris Haute Couture Week, Cannes Film Festival, New York Fashion Style Week, Couture Fashion Week New York, London FW and Amber Lounge Fashion Shows in Monaco, Singapore, Mexico to name a few.  Knowing how hard it is to break into these events and how much talent is out there, Liz wanted to create a company that allows her to lead and share these experiences with her own talented, global team of creatives. 


Now, talented hair & makeup artists can apply to join an educational tour and be part of the official Global Hair & Makeup Team that gets to provide backstage hair & makeup at some of the most exclusive events in some of the most glamorous locations around the globe.  

So if you have a desire to be backstage at a major event and believe you have the talent then you can apply to be part of a tour. Go to the 'Register' page on this website and dare to DREAM!