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What is Global Hair & Makeup?

Global Hair & Makeup works with the very best clients and companies from around the world. Our focus is to deliver exceptional hair & beauty services to our clients while working with the utmost discretion.

Many makeup artists and hair stylists want to be involved in major events but struggle to get backstage because they don't know who to contact or where to start. Often if they do, then they are daunted by the cost to go solo or the thought of traveling to foreign locations on their own. 


Liz Bomben from Global Hair & Makeup has worked backstage and numerous major events including Festival du Cannes, Formula 1's around the world, Paris Haute Couture Week, Style Fashion Week NY, Couture Fashion Week NY, Fashion Week NY, Paris Fashion Week, Royal Ascot & London Fashion Week and knows what is expected of a creative team. With this understanding, Liz has secured amazing opportunities and done all the hard work, shortcutting the process for hair & makeup artists. Global Hair & Makeup provides an experience and eliminates the stress and the unknown factors often associated with traveling by yourself to such events. 

Now, aspiring and talented hair & makeup artists can apply to travel as part of Liz's Global Hair & Makeup team. What makes these events different from other backstage events is that Liz's team works in some of the most glamorous locations around the world at tightly held VIP, fashion and red carpet events. Not only do you get backstage on fashion shows and events but you also get to experience world class venues with international designers and travel with the team which provides opportunities to increase your knowledge through the swapping of ideas, discussing processes and trading tips with each other. For many artists this opportunity to continue learning from their peers is priceless. Our artists also have a great travel experience with new friends. Talent should be rewarded, regardless of who you know or where you live - Liz Bomben

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